Fees and Bookings

Appointment Booking Procedure

All spirit release procedures are conducted by ‘remote’ which means that you can be anywhere in the world and receive an intervention that will address your problem. Remote procedures are conducted by two practitioners, one acting as the spirit medium and the other is the facilitator who manages the proceedings and keeps the medium grounded. The fee therefore is £100 which is split into a £10 deposit on confirmation of the booking and the balance of £90 is paid on completion. These payments can be made using the Pay Pal drop-down menu below.

It is strongly recommended that you enlist the help and support of a trusted friend or family member, or a therapist/counselor to help you recover from your experience. If you are alienated and alone please find someone you can trust to support you as we address your needs and help you to recover. If you are completely incapacitated then ask someone to help you with the following procedure:

Step one is to subscribe to this site with the simple registration form at the foot of this page. Simply enter your name and email address and press the ‘subscribe’ button. Then return here for step 2.

Step two is to request an appointment with this form right here: You can explain briefly what the problem is in the message box. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. When you have sent your initial request return to this point and familiarize yourself with the next steps to come.

Step three. When we have received your request we will respond by email and ask you to complete  the form below where you agree to our terms and conditions and give your informed consent to the procedure. If you are acting on behalf of someone else then you will be taking responsibility as their ‘referrer’.

Simply click on this link  just below marked Consultation T&C to download the form, complete it and send it back as an email attachment. Consultation T&C. This form is an essential requirement for our records and we cannot proceed without it completed.

When you submit your signed form please use the Pay Pal button below to make a £10 advance payment.

On receipt of your signed informed consent and the payment of £10 we will arrange a date and time to address the problem.

Step four.  You will receive a written report on the findings together with advice on how to keep safe. You will receive an invoice for the payment of the remainder of the fee.

Step five. We would expect to receive the agreed payment according to the terms and conditions of our agreement, and you will receive an audio recording of the scan and remote procedure.

If you have any difficulty with any of these steps please let us know or ask someone to help you.

Follow-up scans are usually conducted free of charge, but any further work that may be required will be charged at the standard rate for remote work.

Thank you.

Dr T Palmer

Whether you want to book an appointment for a spirit release procedure or not, don’t forget to subscribe free at the foot of this page for updates on keeping yourself safe and for all new posts.

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