A Spirit Release Intervention Protocol

A Spirit Release Intervention Protocol

The protocol presented below is an adaptation of Irene Hickman’s method with added components learned from practical experience and the application of principles and techniques offered by Soul-Centered Healing practitioner Dr Tom Zinser (2010). It is presented in five consecutive parts, and although it may look complicated, most cases are relatively simple

Simple cases could be solved with the first four parts running in quick succession in one sitting. Experience has taught us that the average time taken to use this protocol for an intervention is about fifteen (15) minutes. Simple ones can be done in eight (8) minutes.

However, each part could be conducted as a stand-alone procedure for those patients with more complex and difficult problems where time and patience are needed for a full recovery. As the protocol moves further on, so the problems encountered may become more complex and therefore more difficult to solve and will require a greater in-depth understanding of the possibilities and complexities of the subliminal mind, the soul, the spirit and the identities of fragmented soul parts.

The first part is essentially an assessment and diagnostic protocol to identify the nature of the problems to be addressed in subsequent parts. Part 2 deals with negative spirit attachments, part 3 deals with releasing earthbound spirits and part 4 with healing the divided self. Part 5 is after-care considerations.

Part I. The Assessment and Diagnostic Protocol

  1. Each member of the Interventionist team to establish their individual protection protocol.
  2. Request the attendance of spirit Guides of the members of the team and challenge their integrity.
  3. Invite the patient’s guide and ask its name and origin and how long it has been with the patient.
  4. If the guide is discovered to be an impostor, have a volunteer guide with the suitable experience to step in and take control of the patient’s development and well-being.
  5. Ask the guide’s identity and how it would like to be addressed.
  6. Request the assistance of the higher-self (HS) of the Patient.
  7. Challenge the authenticity of the HS and remove any impostor.
  8. Ask if the patient is Sovereign.
  9. Outer etheric field. How many negative spirit entities are attached?
  10. Is the patient grounded?
  11. Inner etheric field, are there any internal control mechanisms that alter sense perceptions?
  12. Are there any low frequency band inter-dimensional parasites?
  13. Are there any open portals?
  14. How many earthbound spirits of the deceased (EBs)?
  15. Are there any self-created thought forms?
  16. Are there any dissociated sub-personalities?
  17. Ask the HS for an assessment of the % integrity of the etheric body (aura)
  18. Ask what caused the damaged integrity, I.e. trauma, recreational substances, drugs, alcohol, and prescribed medicines. What proportion to each?
  19. Ask the Higher-Self for an estimate of the % connection between the soul essence held within the body and the HS.
  20. Where is the missing connection held, i.e. lost, stolen, traded, held by fragmented soul-parts?
  21. Dissociated parts?
  22. Self-created thought forms?
  23. Previous life energetic resonance?
  24. Any other location?
  25. What is the client’s purpose for experiencing this earth life?
  26. Ask the patient’s guide and HS how this was allowed to happen.
  27. Any agreements/contracts?
  28. Where is the origin of the patient’ s vulnerability?

Part 2. Clearing External Negative Intrusions (DFEs)

  1. Detect and clear all attached dark force entities (DFEs), cords, implants, booby-traps and all negative intrusions hiding within the etheric body of the Patient.
  2. Ask the guides for the origin of these externals.
  3. Detect and close all portals in and around the patient and their environment that could potentially facilitate any further intrusions of dark force entities.
  4. Bring Light in to fill all vacated areas.
  5. Ask for repair and reinforcement of auric protection.
  6. Ask for a special warrior guide to protect the patient from all threats and potential intrusions.
  7. Ask for the protection guide’s name and origin and give thanks.

Part 3. Release of all Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

  1. Ask the HS to detect how many EBs are present.
  2. Ask all earthbound spirits to come forward and be released.
  3. Record any information that could be validated on the name of the EB, the year of physical death and the exact place and circumstances. Precise information on addresses and names can be checked with the registrar of births marriages and deaths for evidence to support the theory that consciousness survives the death of the body for research purposes.
  4. Negotiate with all non-compliant earthbound spirits for their release.
  5. Ask for a portal of Light to enable any other undetected earthbound spirits to go to the Light. When all have left, close the portal.

Part 4. Healing the Divided Self

  1. Check the power and influence of the HS with the strength of finger signals.
  2. Since the removal of earlier DFEs and EBs, ask the HS to what degree the aura (etheric field) has been damaged and in need of repair. Ask the causes of the damage.
  3. Since the removal of DFEs and EBs, ask the HS to what degree the patient’s soul-essence is connected with the HS.
  4. Ask the HS to identify where fragmented or displaced soul energy is located.
  5. Prior to any process of negative emotion energy release or dissociated parts integration, ask the HS for permission for the scanner to access the patient directly in order for the scanner to experience (or report) what he/she is actually experiencing in the NOW.
  6. Ask the patient to become calm and receptive to positive suggestions to facilitate healing.
  7. Ask the HS to permit direct dialogue with each dissociated part, ego-fragment, soul fragment and each self-created thought-form from past lives and the present life.
  8. Initiate a procedure for the sharing of traumatic events and the release of all forms of negative energy within the hidden parts of the patient’s psyche.
  9. Negotiate for the recovery and re-integration of all dissociated fragments, soul parts and thought forms into a safe place or for fuller integration.
  10. Ask the scanner to report on the patient’s experience in the NOW since the process of healing the fragmented self.
  11. Release the scanner from the patient’s presence.
  12. Ask the HS to check the % connection between the soul essence and the HS.
  13. Are there any more hidden parts, issues, contracts or agreements that need to be uncovered and addressed?
  14. Ask the HS if there is any further work to be done during this session, or further sessions.
  15. Ask for any comments and further guidance from Guides and the HS before closing the link.
  16. Return to normal waking consciousness.

Part 5. After-Care.

A weakened soul needs the resources to help it regain its own strength and creative potential.

For self-referred patients with direct control over their own lives and living environment, offer advice and guidance on keeping safe with a psychic protection protocol and suggestions on healthy living, etc.

For patients that are dependent on others it is important that they feel safe and cared for and that family are supportive and understanding. Many cases teach us that fear is the primary negative emotion that attracts negative entities to a person. Therefore it is essential that all fears are addressed and potential threats are avoided or removed. This means a safe and supported living environment. It is important to recognise that fear and distrust are closely related. Trust is therefore an essential component in recovery. If a person is unable or unwilling to trust their care-giver then recovery may never be completed.

All sessions are to be recorded and dated for analysis.

Clients and / or their families should provide feedback on the results of all interventions in order to validate the efficacy or otherwise of the intervention. Feedback should ideally be recorded or at the very least written.

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