Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis
The power of hypnotic suggestion is proven to be a highly effective therapeutic strategy in the treatment of a wide variety of emotional and psychosomatic conditions. The original cause of the majority of disorders can often be located in a level of consciousness that is beyond reach of the normal waking consciousness. The experience of hypnosis is similar to day-dreaming and being in a very relaxed emotional and physical state.
The hypnosis approach I use is based on the supposition that the patient has hidden resources that are beyond the threshold of conscious awareness and can be brought to the fore by inviting the client to explore possibilities.This means that the client is always in control.
For psychological problems ego-parts therapy is centred on a model of consciousness that is comprised of sections according to age and the level of knowledge or wisdom that are commensurate. By using the patient’s own inner resources the source of a psychological problem is often found in a dissociated ego-part and a resolution is found from a different ego-part. The objective of ego-parts therapy is to reintegrate dissociated parts into a united whole person with resolved inner conflicts.
In my practice I have treated patients with emotional, mental, behavioural and physical problems including obesity, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic stress, epilepsy and dystonia.
In recent years I have tended to specialise in helping those patients who hear distressing voices or who believe themselves to be persecuted or harassed by some kind of unseen presence. Medical science believes all such experiences are symptoms of mental illness, but there are other possibilities that can be explored with success. To learn more about hearing voices or spirit influence as a subjective reality please go to the Spirit Possession & Release page.
Many patients seek help from hypnotherapists because it is a last resort where everything else has failed. However, it is my considered opinion that hypnosis really ought to be tried before the patient reaches a stage of desperation and seeks help outside of mainstream medical science.
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