Spirit Possession Research


Research into the Aetiology and Phenomenology of Spirit Possession and Attachment

The Need for Research

Evidence presents itself every day in the consulting rooms of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists that a wide range of distressing mental, emotional and physical conditions have their origins in a spiritual source. However, the scientific consensus rejects this notion for several interrelated reasons. Medical science is grounded in the physical sciences of physics, chemistry and biology and is therefore not equipped to recognise a spiritual domain.

There is a tension between what the physical sciences can accept and what people experience in their subjective reality. This is not helpful for the person who suffers distress that has its origin in a spiritual domain. It is therefore necessary for medical science to be able to expand its frames of reference and accommodate real subjective experiences in order that they can be treated effectively.

I believe that it is the duty of every doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and esoteric healer to contribute evidence from clinical practice in order for science to expand its conceptual frames of reference and accommodate all forms of human experience – including spirit possession and attachment. On this page you will find guidance on how to present evidence that is accrued by you in your own consulting room in order that it may be used to contribute to the scientific knowledge that is expanding in this field.

There are four stages in scientific research to measure the efficacy of interventions. These stages are:

  1. Collect base-line data
  2. Introduce the intervention
  3. Repeat stage 1
  4. Measure the difference

Evidence-Based Medicine

Here you will find a format for the recording of written, audio and visual data from your case files that can contribute to the scientific study of the aetiology and phenomenology of spirit attachment and release by the use of the principles of evidence-based medicine. It is anticipated that such case files may be stored in an archive that may be shared and accessed by all who have a serious interest in researching such cases. The project proposal is in its infancy, and it is hoped that practitioners, clinicians and researchers will contribute comments and suggestions on how to progress this initiative.

The Relationship between Mental Health and Spirit Possession

Mental illness that is diagnosed under the general heading of ‘Dissociative Disorders’ present a challenge to psychiatry, and those diagnosed with such tend to be under the care and supervision of the mental health system for long periods, at great financial cost to the mental health services. However, modern research into complementary approaches to treatment may offer methods resulting in  a more positive prognosis for the patient and a low cost for service providers.

In the interests of research into the efficacy of spirit release interventions, all of our cases are recorded to enable researchers and clinicians to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Researchers and students who would like to be informed of interesting case studies and efficacy research protocols are invited to register their interest here, and for the forthcoming programme of lectures and conferences at the Society for Psychical Research, click on the SPR logo below.

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