These are testimonials from some of the clients we  have helped.

If you have been helped by the services we have provided you with, please feel free to leave your own comments or testimonial at the foot of this page.

It has been 24 hours now. And without going into elaborations, no [voice] intrusions yet. I am very upset though, that I have lived with 23 years of this, and that therapies such as yours go unheard. 23 years of hell have in essence ‘gone’ by 1 hour of mediation. I applaud you Terry and Andrew. I don’t know what I can do to help, but give me a shout, loud and wide and I will be there.
This method really works.
Mr MR. North Yorks, UK

Dear Dr Palmer,

Thank you so much. I am still rather overcome, emotional and above all relieved & grateful that an end to the hitherto interminable tunnel of terror & torment might be in sight. I read your email quickly soon after receipt & welled up immediately at the truth of it. Realisations are dropping in & I think I need to assimilate & integrate my first read before looking again and responding further.
I am, however, gratified to report that the constant and unbearable pain thru my left side is abating. If the nocturnal bruxing lessens, it will be a gift from the gods.

Thank you so much.

Miss T from Maidstone

Dear Dr Palmer

I am pleased to tell you that my son has now been home [from psychiatric hospital] for a week and the section was lifted and he is doing well. He has been sleeping a lot, eating well and very calm. He hasn’t presented his alter personality.

Thank you very much for your good work!

Mrs L. Bristol

Dear Dr Palmer,

I am grateful for your help with my family.  My husband has been doing very well.  His head seems clear which has made a dramatic impact on his relationships and work.  My son is in his last semester of school and no longer hearing voices.

Our home seems free and clear of entities.  It feels light and airy and we haven’t seen spirits/shadows since.    I am so happy you all helped us.  Our appreciation is beyond words.

God Bless.

Mrs B. Wisconsin, USA.

Hi Dr Palmer,
The videos are great – thank you for sharing.
Happy and safe travels to you.  I am glad you were able to come and to have been able to meet with you!
I will keep you updated on the house, but so far, so good.  There were couple of days with headaches and energetic heaviness, but they started at work with clients, not at the house.  You and I talked a bit about that.
I have found your grounding practice to be very helpful in my work [as a therapist] – thank you for teaching it to us.
Mrs K. Michigan, USA.

Hello Dr. Palmer,
All is going well here after your scan. My husband’s headaches have been greatly diminished. My son had a lot of dead, mounted large butterflies that someone gave him in his office and we have a dog buried outside our garage which is what we think was being picked up. He was just accepted as a junior to college so we are all quite excited.
Confrontations between my husband and myself have diminished greatly which is a huge relief as we are heading into a stressful situation with sickness in the family.
The scan (and removal of entities) on my husband will help us all through this trying time.
Thank you!!!
Mrs F and family. Illinois, USA.

Before the intervention:

My son is 18.  He hears voices.  I have known this for a year.  He was at his lowest point in January last year when the not understanding what was happening and not having any strategies to cope made life unbearable.  The intrusive voices are unpleasant and say really horrible upsetting things.  He does not talk about the voices (which we all refer when pushed as thoughts) only occasionally referred to as voices in the beginning.  They are random and intrusive.
He was suffering with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.  Didn’t help the thoughts / voices often urging him to kill himself.  He had been anxious as a younger child and felt rather than a sudden onset this situation with out of control attacking thoughts may have been born out of excessive worry and self reproach.
Mrs G. Surrey, UK.

After the intervention:

The voices are no longer there! I think there is a degree of shock however as I have told him parts from the recording that I knew he would relate to, explained all negative energy had been taken away, told him about Harold [his spirit guide] and the angry 12 year old boy [dissociated sub-personality].  My mother is, and her mother before her was occultist.  I am not surprised that my son has that sort of leaning and ability naturally from the age of 7.  My Mum is a big fan of Dion Fortune and my son will go to see her tomorrow morning for lessons in Psychic protection.  Everything that was said in the recording we could relate to.  I will confirm tomorrow early evening that the voices are totally gone.

Thank you very much to you all.

Mrs G. Surrey, UK.



4 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. Dr Terence Palmer, Andrew Porter and Chen
    I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and thank you enough for helping my spouse and myself.

    After 15 years of living with negative entities causing all sorts of emotional turmoil, I do not know if I truly understand they are gone. I get emotional thinking about all of this, and wish I had known about your work or understood this subject better when it first started. The process was private and simple, it has only been a week, changes were seen quickly, I will check back in 6 weeks.
    You have an amazing team and bring many blessings to the people and yourselves.
    Thank You

  2. I’d like to thank you Dr Palmer for aiding in the efficacy of my work. Prior to referring clients to you the process was a long and tedious one of trying to get the subconscious to release or even identify the underlying reasons for the clients ‘issues’. It means that there is a much speedier result for the client, especially when it comes to identifying sub personalities, psychic intrusions, or attachments.

    These interference would sometimes show up after accessing the clients ‘past’ life which then means that we cannot be entirely sure that it belongs to the client and not that of an attachment spirit. Such things mean more time spent in therapy trying to unravel these unknowns.

    My clients have responded favorably and I’ve received excellent feedback from your work, so this is a quick note to say thank you.

    With Much appreciation,

    Lorna Wilson

  3. I am a psychotherapist working both in the NHS and private practice and have referred several of my patients to Terrence and Andrew for various difficulties that they have suffered from. This has included entity release ,reintegration of their personality when there has been a split due to early trauma experience and patients who are suffering from unexplained physical symptoms without an underlying medical cause.
    In all cases that have been referred there has been considerable improvement in their mental state subsequent to the intervention and the patients themselves are aware of the changes and feel a lot better.
    However patients have to be psychologically ready to accept this help and need to be prepared to continue to work on themselves for the changes to be maintained and to engender further improvement in the future.

  4. Terry and Andrew really helped me out. I had been oppressed by a demon for over 30 years. Since my release, the demonic attacks have stopped. Thank you Terry and Andrew from the bottom of my heart. I’ll do my best to spread the word that this method works!

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