Spirit Release Case Studies

On this page you will find selected case studies that may be of particular interest to the student or researcher of spirit release therapy.

BODY, MIND, SPIRITDetail:Center of 3 panels.SACRED MIRRORS, Alex Grey, 19851. Clairvoyant diagnosis.

This experiment assesses the accuracy of a non-medically trained Spiritualist medium in her ability to identify a medically diagnosed disease. The case is also illustrative of the discovery of one earthbound attached spirit and one discarnate entity that uses energy for its own survival that is transmitted by a living human. The dynamic relationship between the disease and the discarnate entities is implied. Click this link for the transcription: diagnostics01

2. Remote scanning.

Watch the video below for an example of remote scanning a live subject at a distance.

3. Discovery and release of an earthbound (EB) spirit.

This video demonstrates how an attached earthbound spirit is discovered and released from a subject who had no prior knowledge of the attached spirit.

Many more cases are recorded on our You Tube channel.