SPR Lecture 2018

My lecture on Telepathic Hypnosis, delivered to the Society for Psychical Research in June 2018. This lecture gives the historical background on the scientific validity of using hypnosis with telepathy that inspired the remote viewing program of the United States Department of Defense. In this lecture I cite three case studies that demonstrate the potential of this treatment method for healing serious mental disorders such as psychosis and dissociative disorders.


Telepathic Hypnosis – A Neglected Research Field

Dr Terence Palmer will be giving  a lecture on telepathic hypnosis at the Society for Psychical Research on 7th June. He will be presenting three recent case studies and posing the question, ‘why is this important field of clinical intervention and research into the nature of consciousness still being ignored by the mainstream?’



Telepathic Hypnosis – Clinical Research

Telepathic hypnosis is probably the most important concept in the study of consciousness to be ignored by modern psychiatry. Experiments are currently being conducted to evaluate the efficacy of telepathic hypnosis in the treatment of psychosis and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Click on the image for an introduction.



Retired surgeon Dr Charles Tramont talks about his discoveries of spirit

It was a great privilege for me to meet this man when I went to Las Vegas to be interviewed by Geoffrey  Mishlove. An educated, intelligent and highly experienced surgeon with the open-minded honesty that is required for any scientist to acknowledge the reality of spiritual dimensions of experience. Dr Charles Tramont is to be congratulated for his openness, his charisma and his charm, and most of all his message to all of mainstream medicine.



Telepathic Hypnosis – A new page

A new page has been added to this web site under the parent heading of Hypnosis. It contains an excerpt from my book The Science of Spirit Possession 2nd ed (2014).

I have included it because it is probably the most important topic of human consciousness that has been abandoned and ignored by modern Western society, but provides a scientific explanation how we can be influenced in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour from a distance by an unseen source.

Happy New Year to all.