Hospital Earthbounds

Here is a recording of my presentation on earthbound spirits in hospitals that I presented to the Society for Psychical Research annual conference in Newcastle in September 2018.



More Earthbound Child Spirits

Here is another post from my colleague in Brazil. A link to her site is at the bottom of the post.

The last post I wrote was regarding the children that are in need of help going “Home” after they dis incarnate. They can become lost, and not understand that they have left their bodies. They enter into panic, fear, and still have (perceived) physical pain, among other symptoms.

In this post, I will share how this can affect the living. Almost all of our clients have had misdiagnosed emotional, ,mental, or physical symptoms. They have gone to doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals and have not had any relief. After working with us, and after helping the spirits move on, our clients have found radical improvement in their conditions.

In one of our cases, the client had extreme fatigue for years. Doctors told her this was normal, and also, that nothing abnormal was found in her exams. She also suffered from a low-grade, but constant state of anxiety that could not be explained. Again, doctors told her it would pass.

During our remote healing work, it was found that there was a child who had attached to her in the hospital. This was a very “special” child, and I can’t give specifics because they would not give enough anonymity for my client. But this spirit child, who had been put through horrible tests, was able to finally escape. She wandered around the hospital for who knows how long! They eventually found my client, who is one of the most loving people I know. They were drawn to her mothering nature, and held on to her for dear “life”.

Now imagine. This child suffered terribly in life, escaped from where she was, did not know that she died, and was drawn to someone to receive comfort.

If you had all of that energy hanging around you, involved all around you and your aura, how do you think YOU would feel?

Fear. Anxiety. Distrust. Crying. Desperation. (And the list goes on)

On top of that, spirits (sometimes unknowingly) siphon off our “electro-magnetic energy”. This is located in our etheric body, and the spirits are drawn to this. This energy “vampirism” translates into the person feeling extreme exhaustion, lethargy, and low energy in general.

The client thinks that these symptoms are THEIR symptoms, but many times they aren’t! People who have misdiagnosed dis-eases, or even UN-diagnosed dis-eases could very well have a spirit entity attached to them, or at the very least one who is “shadowing” them.

At Higher Soul Healing, this is one of the most common services we offer: Spirit Releasement Therapy (or SRT). We identify what (or WHO) is causing the most problematic symptom, and if that spirit is ready to be released, and if YOU are willing for them to be released, we do this in the very first session!

If this text resonates with you in any way, or if you feel drawn to work with us, or even if you have an unexplained AVERSION to what I am saying… we can help.

You can schedule a Remote Consultation with us, or you can schedule a full Apometric Multi-dimensional Healing. Both are located on our services page, and include a description of each of the services at:

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Hospital Earthbound Spirits Released

Here is a video recording taken over the course of a two-day training program where spirit release trainees were instrumental in releasing earthbound spirits from a local hospital in the UK. The course was attended by an anthropologist and a doctor of medicine. It is suggested that a soul rescue group ought to be a part of the staff infrastructure of every hospital where people die and remain trapped on the Earth plane.




Hearing Voices Research – A Complementary Approach

We have proof that discarnate spirits cause people to hear voices, and that psychiatry has a lot to learn about how to treat it. Our research needs support. Please help us to present our evidence and educate the mental health services. Listen to this man’s experience and help us to treat others like him by making a contribution, however small, to our research fund. Thank you.

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Coast 2 Coast Radio Interview

I had the privilege to be invited for a second interview with Dave Schrader on the Coast 2 Coast radio network in the United States on the evening of 16th December 2017 (07:00 17th December UK time). Click on the image below to access the recording. Listeners are required to register with the radio station for access to show recordings, etc.


Retired surgeon Dr Charles Tramont talks about his discoveries of spirit

It was a great privilege for me to meet this man when I went to Las Vegas to be interviewed by Geoffrey  Mishlove. An educated, intelligent and highly experienced surgeon with the open-minded honesty that is required for any scientist to acknowledge the reality of spiritual dimensions of experience. Dr Charles Tramont is to be congratulated for his openness, his charisma and his charm, and most of all his message to all of mainstream medicine.



Spirit Influence on Mental Health Conference

All presentations at the Spirit Release Forum conference in February at Regent’s University in London have finally been released. Here is my own presentation on the topic of Medical Science and Spirit Influence. All other presentations can be seen on the Spirit Release Forum’s You Tube channel. Any comments would be most welcome.