Coast 2 Coast Radio Interview

I had the privilege to be invited for a second interview with Dave Schrader on the Coast 2 Coast radio network in the United States on the evening of 16th December 2017 (07:00 17th December UK time). Click on the image below to access the recording. Listeners are required to register with the radio station for access to show recordings, etc.


Massive reduction in price

Here is fantastic news from the publishers of The Science of Spirit Possession (2nd ed). They are offering a reduced price from £52.99 down to £16 for the hardback version for a limited period. So all students and researchers with limited resources can now get their copy straight from the publishers with the special discount code: a16c12

Cambridge Scholars Publishing



A paperback version

The Science of Spirit Possession (2nd edition) is now published in a paperback version at a lower costs and for the non-academic reader. Order direct from Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Telepathic Hypnosis – A new page

A new page has been added to this web site under the parent heading of Hypnosis. It contains an excerpt from my book The Science of Spirit Possession 2nd ed (2014).

I have included it because it is probably the most important topic of human consciousness that has been abandoned and ignored by modern Western society, but provides a scientific explanation how we can be influenced in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour from a distance by an unseen source.

Happy New Year to all.



Product reviews for The Science of Spirit Possession (2nd Edition)

2nd ed cover“The Science of Spirit Possession is a book for anyone who seriously wants to examine the question of whether spirits exist and whether they can negatively affect a person emotionally and psychologically. In this book, Dr. Terence Palmer moves between the clinical evidence for the existence of spirits, on the one hand, and the search for a scientific conceptual model that can accommodate such phenomena, on the other. This book is an in-depth history of that search and argues for the model of mind and spirit developed by Cambridge scholar Frederic Myers, the 19th century co-founder of the British Society for Psychical Research. In this well-researched and well-reasoned work, Dr. Palmer offers psychology and psychiatry a scientific framework for recognizing and addressing metaphysical realities. The Science of Spirit Possession offers solid footing for those who are ready to look beyond the scientific materialism that holds us back.”
– Thomas Zinser, Ed.D., Author of Soul-Centered Healing.