The Nature of Inspiration in Art, Science and Spirituality

12 April 2013 – 14 April 2013

Venue: Warwick University

This year we are exploring the nature of intuitive inspiration and creativity in art, science and spirituality.We all experience inspiration to a greater or lesser extent, and artists channel this into their works, while scientists seek to understand the underlying processes of the world. Prof. BobTurner will report on his research into creativity and the brain, while Prof. Lord Richard Harries considers inspiration in spiritual experience and the visual arts, with particular reference to the image of Christ in modern art. Sculptor and painter Shakti Maira is travelling from India to talk about specific inspirations to some of his work, and virtuoso violinist Prof. Paul Robertson will speak about inspiration in musical experience. Finally, poet Ruth Padel will explore the deeper meaning of inspiration in relation to the senses, the way we take things in.

The Mystics and Scientists conferences have been held every year since 1978, and are dedicated to forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of scientific and mystical approaches to reality.The conferences always provide a highly engaging and creative opportunity to come together with like-minded people in a spirit of exploration and dialogue.We greatly look forward to your participation. Click on the image below for details.



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