42nd SPR International Annual Conference – Psychic Phenomena and Consciousness

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN and will close on 14th September. Our invited speakers are consciousness researchers Dr David Luke, Dr Bernardo Kastrup and Dr Rupert Sheldrake.


ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. To download a hard copy of the Booking Form, click HERE.

See the FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAMME HERE.  See below for more on our invited and highlighted speakers.


Transpersonal Psychology Section Annual Conference 2018

I’ll be presenting one of my case studies where I am using a controversial method of treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which was formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It will be interesting to see how this section of the British Psychological Society receives my method.


Demand is Growing

As spirit release practitioners, the demand for our services is growing. More people are becoming aware of the alternatives to mainstream psychiatric, religious and psychological interventions for a wide range of mental, emotional and psychosomatic conditions.  There is also a growing need for new SRT practitioners to be trained in these techniques, and inquiries for specialist training are on the increase.  We are responding to this need by offering a training course where health-care professionals and other qualified healers, hypnotherapists, mediums and Reiki practitioners can come and learn SRT techniques and skills. If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning how to become a qualified spirit release practitioner please go to our new SRT Training page and give it the once over. Any feedback or suggestions would be most welcome.



Patronize Our Research

We are presenting at three major conferences in the UK in the next couple of months to bring into awareness the advantages of Spirit Release Therapy to medicine and psychiatry.  To date, all our research and conference attendance costs have been covered out of pocket. As our research initiatives gain momentum, so support from patrons and benefactors is needed. If you are a satisfied client of the services provided through this web site, or you are a supporter of the initiatives in any other way, please consider making a contribution to the future of SRT research. You can be a patron for as little as $1 per month. That’s less than a cup of coffee. Every little drop counts. Thank you all for your custom and your support.



Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference (SCSC)

The conference will take place on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 August 2018.

I shall be presenting on cases of earthbound spirits in hospitals. Click on the image for further information.

The media reports ghostly encounters, supernatural TV and films continue to be popular genres, and professionalised groups and organisations offer commercial experiences of the otherworldly. It seems that regardless of scientific progress and rationale thought, the allure of the extraordinary still prevails.

The Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference (SCSC) aims to explore the continuing role of the supernatural. SCSC intends to provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss current and emerging research, and examine these in relation to the impact and value this has on culture, heritage and tourism. In addition, industry professionals are invited to discuss current and emerging issues.