Esoteric Healing – Alice A. Bailey 2007

The Basic Causes of Disease
This is the problem with which all medical practice down the ages has wrestled. In our present
mechanistic age we have wandered far to the surface of things and away from the partially true point of
view of earlier centuries which traced disease back of the “evil humours” bred and festering in the inner
subjective life of the patient. In the evolution of knowledge on every hand we are now on the surface
of things (note I do not use the word “superficial”), and the hour has struck in which knowledge can
again re-enter the realm of the subjective and transmute itself into wisdom. There is today a dawning
recognition on the part of the best minds in the medical and allied professions, that in the subjective
and hidden attitudes of the mind and of the emotional nature, and in the life of inhibited or excessive
sex expression, must be sought the causes of all disease. (C) 1988 Lucis Trust.

Amazon Synopsis: Esoteric Healing is Volume IV of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. In this book, the seven ray techniques of healing are described; the laws and rules of healing are enumerated and discussed; the requirements for healing are given in detail; and basic causes of disease are shown. We learn, for example, that much disease can be karmic in origin; that certain diseases are inherent in the soil and in the substance of the planet; and that many others are psychological, arising in the emotional or mental bodies.

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