Consciousness and the Experience of Time

4 April 2014 – 6 April 2014

Venue: University of Warwick

The Mystics and Scientists conferences have been held every year since 1978, and are dedicated to forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of scientific and mystical approaches to reality. The conferences always provide a highly engaging and creative opportunity to come together with like-minded people in a spirit of exploration and dialogue. This year we are looking at various aspects of our conscious experience of time, drawing on physics, neuroscience, philosophy, phenomenology, psychology and parapsychology. Bernard Carr, Natalie Depraz and Barbara Magnani have different approaches to the relationship between physical and psychological time, while Jacob Needleman considers the spiritual mystery of time in relation to the practical problem of time. David Luke asks if we can in some sense transcend time in precognition. James d’Angelo and David Lorimer offer an experience of music, rhythm, movement and dance. We greatly look forward to your participation.


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