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  1. Here is a comment sent to me by email:

    This video meant a lot to me because our son had some autism, PDD. What we tried to capture in The Resurrection Of Clifford McGinnis is that these kids have hidden depths of talent, very specialized. Our son had a particular interest in comedy and music. But he could not hold down a regular job. The high functioning individuals often do very well in the academic world. MIT has its share of Asperger personalities. Their focus can be narrow but very deep. It seems as if more of these cases are coming to attention, and perhaps there is an increase in the number of children with this mind set. It is interesting to consider what part they may play in world evolution—being star children. Albert Einstein springs to mind. John McGinnis.

  2. My ‘remote’ team recently did some work with an 11 year old who was showing signs of aggression, etc. He was found to have three dark discarnates that were removed.

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