Working With Truth

Working With Truth by Murray (Nick) Nicholls. Here is a testimony to the eternal nature of the human soul through Murray’s work in helping soldiers and airmen who were killed in battle to move on to the light and return ‘home’ where they regained their freedom from fear and war. For scholars with an interest in the nature of consciousness and the ‘survival’ hypothesis this is essential reading. This book demands that we question what we are taught by those who would send us to war and those who teach religious dogma. This book will cost you nothing but will give you much.


Thomas Edison, America’s great inventor, said:

‘People say I have created things. I have never created anything. I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a … receiving apparatus…. Thoughts are really impressions that we get from outside.’

(Thomas A. Edison, quoted in: Neil Baldwin, Edison: Inventing the Century. NY: Hyperion; 1995: page 376)

‘Working with Truth’ is also about information from the Universe, from the outside, to author Nick Nicholls. In an age in which we know so little about the fundamental origin and nature of consciousness, Nicholls’s fascinating book should be of interest to any serious student of the mind.”

Larry Dossey, MD. Author: One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.


Surely this is the most mesmerising book I have ever read – it grips as no work of fiction ever could. One is travelling with you in spirit and being guided to see matters as you see them.

Your book – the instalments I received, blew me away – so moving, so profound. You have indeed been specially chosen to enlighten all those who seek knowledge and understanding. On behalf of us all, thank you so much.

Irene Green – age 94 (February 2014)


In remembrance of all soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives defending freedom
to all civilian casualties of conflict.

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