Hallucinations or Hearing Voices? Part 3.

Here is the third part of the project protocol to test the difference between auditory hallucinations and  voices from a veridical source.

Complementary Religious Interventions

The complementary use of traditional religious healers by persons who experience psychotic states has been documented for a number of societies including Puerto Rico (Koss-Chioino, 1992) Africa (Lambo, 1978) Brazil (Redko, 2003) and Mexico (Zacharias, 2006) among others. However, how the use of these treatment modalities might impact on the recognition and treatment of psychotic symptoms and on the course of schizophrenia has rarely been systematically examined (Edgerton, 1980).

Despite a considerable expansion of information on the factors that may affect the course and prognosis of schizophrenia, set within a broader social and cultural frame of reference, relatively few studies systematically explore the impact of treatment alternatives, such as non-conventional treatments by spirit healers, and the role they play in the course of the disorder (Moreira-Almeida and Koss-Chioino, 2009, 269).

All citations are to be found in the bibliography of the book.

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The Brazilian Model



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