Please support our research

We want to help people who hear voices and don’t want to be treated with toxic medication by offering a drug-free complementary therapy for no charge.

There are two main objectives:

  1. Bring relief from negative voice intrusions.
  2. Educate and inform the psychiatric community of the efficacy of drug-free methods.

Please help us fund this programme with your free-will donation by clicking on this picture. Thank you so much on behalf of those who will benefit.




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  1. Aloha, fellow unfunded scholars,

    Alas, I live from paycheck to paycheck. When I get a tiny bit extra I spend it on books.

    However, I am presently using my PhD in medieval English literature to write a history of contacts with the dead over the last 2700 years in Europe, and it will culminate in the 20th – 21st century development of Spirit Release Therapy. I hope this will provide substantial background for the idea of dead souls, and thereby demonstrate the solid basis for SRT. If my case is strong enough, this will contribute to the accepting intellectual environment from which actual funding will appear.

    In order to make a revolution, it is first necessary to educate the people.

    Dr. Matt Miller

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