Hospital Earthbound Spirits Research

When nurses see spirits or ‘ghosts’ on the wards are they hallucinating or are they seeing earthbound spirits of the deceased? This research aims to answer this question with scientific investigation.

This research is not funded by the mainstream, we are therefore supported by small monthly contributions from our supporters through the Patreon program.  Here is an invitation to either support or participate in our research. Become a Research Collaborator and participate if you are connected with a hospital or university and get involved, or simply pledge your support. All supporters and collaborators are anonymous and no one will be named as a supporter or collaborator unless they wish to take credit for their contribution.

Here is the project abstract:

Hospital Earthbounds Abstract

So, if you want to support the project or get involved, register here as a Research Collaboration Patron.

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We are presenting at three major conferences in the UK in the next couple of months to bring into awareness the advantages of Spirit Release Therapy to medicine and psychiatry.  To date, all our research and conference attendance costs have been covered out of pocket. As our research initiatives gain momentum, so support from patrons and benefactors is needed. If you are a satisfied client of the services provided through this web site, or you are a supporter of the initiatives in any other way, please consider making a contribution to the future of SRT research. You can be a patron for as little as $1 per month. That’s less than a cup of coffee. Every little drop counts. Thank you all for your custom and your support.



Spirit Influence on Mental Health Conference

All presentations at the Spirit Release Forum conference in February at Regent’s University in London have finally been released. Here is my own presentation on the topic of Medical Science and Spirit Influence. All other presentations can be seen on the Spirit Release Forum’s You Tube channel. Any comments would be most welcome.



Please support our research

We want to help people who hear voices and don’t want to be treated with toxic medication by offering a drug-free complementary therapy for no charge.

There are two main objectives:

  1. Bring relief from negative voice intrusions.
  2. Educate and inform the psychiatric community of the efficacy of drug-free methods.

Please help us fund this programme with your free-will donation by clicking on this picture. Thank you so much on behalf of those who will benefit.