One Reply to “The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram”

  1. Dr. Palmer’s internet channel of spiritual information for the world is simply wonderful. It always carries the latest news on spiritual research. I profit greatly from the readings conducted by Dr. Palmer through Andy Porter the medium and his spirit guide Chen. I particularly enjoyed the recent meditation focusing on the archangels. You can simplify the meditation with good effect and greater power, in my view. Envision God’s bright light at your head, feet, right and left hands. The light is blindingly bright but doesn’t burn at all. Then envision the angel Raphael in front, Gabriel behind, Michael to the right, and Ariel to the left. This meditation cuts through the miasma of materialism and conveys waves of new information. I learned that all spiritual workers are bright stitches in a glorious robe, something described before by Frederic Myers. I saw how the pieces fit together. I urge others to give the meditation a try and thank Dr. Palmer for his contributions to world spiritual evolution. It seems to be accelerating at this time.

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