Nearing Our Objective

It has been quiet of late – on the surface that is. Training for student RSR practitioners has been suspended for a variety of reasons and this has given each of us time to reflect on where we are going and why we need to get there.

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced us in more ways than we could have anticipated and we sought to exploit the situation with an expansion into on-line training. It hasn’t worked as well as we would have liked (I speak for myself, Andrew and Chen). Training needs to be done in groups, face-to-face, like those in Virgina, Mexico and Corsham, with online practice sessions following the group workshops.

The plan now is to reconvene the training after the lockdown and travel restrictions have been lifted with practical workshops in London, New York and  Canada. where there is growing demand.

Meanwhile, student fellowship Patrons are encouraged to focus attention on reading from the reading list on the bookshop page  here.  All students will need their copy of The Science of Spirit Possession  which gives the scientific framework for our work, and Dr Charles Tramont’s What’s Missing in Medicine. These books are a minimum requirement for pre-training preparation, together with other works on the list that are optional. Dedicated  practitioners will have every book on the list in their personal library for a full knowledge of the subject and its history.

Notices regarding training workshops will be posted in due course, but not until the pandemic panic has subsided.

Meanwhile, our main objective remains unchanged, and that is to have a serious documentary made about our work. That is the reason why our Patreon platform was initiated – to help finance the making of the documentary and I am personally expressing my gratitude to all of you who have made your pledge to support the project. Thank you.

Here is a link  to the series made for Netflix by the documentary film maker Ricki Stern. Her documentary on Surviving Death features many known colleagues including Dr Peter Fenwick, Prof Chris Roe and the researchers we met at the University of Virginia in 2019. The one topic missing from the series is that of spirit possession and its relationship with mental health. This is where we come in, and we could not even enter into discussions without the support of our Patrons. So I say again to all registered Patrons, a very big THANK YOU.

Dr Terence Palmer PhD.


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