More Invitations to be Interviewed

It is comforting to know, in one respect, that awareness of our work is increasing.  But there is a downside when events unfold a little too prematurely. Please permit me to explain.

I have received several invitations to be interviewed since my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove was re-issued on the 13th of August. I did accept one invitation from Coast to Coast  AM, and I was immediately overwhelmed with requests for help from people suffering from suspected spirit possession and curses. Since then, I have asked for all other requests to be held in abeyance, and I would like to explain why I haven’t accepted any just yet.
The lid on the relationship between psychosis and spirit possession is in danger of being blown off if we are not careful. We need to be prepared for the possible consequences of mass panic, escalating demand for treatment that can’t be met with current limited resources and persecution from mainstream medical institutions, including pharmaceuticals.
Consider for one moment the hypothesis that every mass murderer, serial killer, rapist, and paedophile are under the influence of malevolent spirit entities, devils, demons, or alien species. What would happen to the justice, penal and psychiatric healthcare systems if this were to be known by the general public? With the experience we now have, we could clean up the entire system, prison by prison and clinic by clinic, but that would need an army of spirit release practitioners and therapists to clear up the aftermath and help victims recover their true sense of self. Where do these practitioners come from, and who will train them?
Consider the proposition that every hospital is haunted with the earthbound spirits of people who have died and remained earthbound because they refused to believe in an afterlife. Every hospital needs a team of practitioners to help these earthbound souls to ascend to the Light. Where will these soul rescue practitioners come from, and who will train them? The medical profession? I think not.
Let us ask ourselves why we are conditioned in our beliefs to reject the notion that each of us is an eternal spirit that occupies this material form for short periods to experience some aspect of Earth life. Consider the possibility that our education system is being directed towards total acceptance of the medical model of treatment of mental illness when in reality, all non-organic mental illness could be due to the victim’s vulnerability to a negative spirit intrusion. Clearly, there is a hidden agenda. But when this hidden agenda is about to be exposed, we run the risk of serious attacks from the mainstream, not just with scepticism, but real threats to life and limb.
Clearly, what is needed is an institution with the financial resources to maintain its integrity and resist attacks from mainstream academic and scientific bias. Such an institution would establish a research program to provide scientific evidence of the influence of aliens and other dark forces on the health of our Earthly experience and train practitioners on how to neutralize such destructive forces quietly and without drama or fuss for the betterment of humanity.
Some institutions do exist, and I am discussing research and training initiatives with them. I intend to visit them in the United States when the Covid travel restrictions are lifted, hopefully next year. Meanwhile, their identities need to remain anonymous.
So, these are my reasons for not jumping in straightway to accept any of these very kind invitations.
  1. I need to avoid an increased demand from prospective clients that I cannot meet. (Recent interview with Coast to Coast created greater demand and put pressure on our limited resources).
  2. We need to train more practitioners before the lid gets blown off and demand is unleashed. (I am currently teaching in London and plan to teach in the US next year).
  3. A working relationship with a resourceful institution needs to be established first.
  4. More scientific evidence needs to be collected to challenge the medical model of mental illness.
  5. More evidence of the existence of earthbound spirits in hospitals needs to be revealed.
I would rather accept recent invitations for interviews when I have news to report on a collaborative research and training agreement with an institution with the resources and integrity to undertake such a project. I prefer to tell viewers and listeners what has been accomplished before resistance intensifies.
I, therefore, extend my gratitude to all who have invited me to be interviewed, and I respectfully request that we wait until I can issue a joint statement on progress with an institution that has the resources for research and training on a larger scale.
Blessings to All.

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