Prof Gary Schwartz to Speak at the SPR

6th September 2021 – Gary Schwartz – Zoom Web Event – Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence: The Randomized Control Trial SoulPhone Experiments

The gold standard in biomedical research is the multi-center, multi-blinded, randomized control trial (RCT). In pharmacological research the RCT is termed a Phase III clinical trial. Dr. Gary Schwartz has adapted these core goals and RCT methods for documenting computer automated spirit presence and communication effects. As outlined in an article in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing to be published in the fall of 2021, the goals are: (1) to use currently available, reliable, and affordable technology (total hardware cost per system less than $4,000; these systems will be available for use by collaborating laboratories), (2) to automate data collection and real-time analyses employing specially designed software, (3) to only require a quiet space (used at night) in collaborating laboratories, (4) to not necessitate human subjects committee approvals at collaborating institutions (because the participants are hypothesized spirit participants), and (5) to enable international collaboration regardless of the investigator’s personal beliefs about the hypothesis. The research design and methods meet a phrase popularized by Carl Sagan: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The design minimizes false positives and false negatives. Dr. Schwartz will present some of the latest validation findings that he believes makes the case for the survival of consciousness beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Prof Gary Schwartz at the SPR



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