SPR Lecture 2018

My lecture on Telepathic Hypnosis, delivered to the Society for Psychical Research in June 2018. This lecture gives the historical background on the scientific validity of using hypnosis with telepathy that inspired the remote viewing program of the United States Department of Defense. In this lecture I cite three case studies that demonstrate the potential of this treatment method for healing serious mental disorders such as psychosis and dissociative disorders.


Telepathic Hypnosis – A Neglected Research Field

Dr Terence Palmer will be giving  a lecture on telepathic hypnosis at the Society for Psychical Research on 7th June. He will be presenting three recent case studies and posing the question, ‘why is this important field of clinical intervention and research into the nature of consciousness still being ignored by the mainstream?’



Hospital Earthbound Spirits Released

Here is a video recording taken over the course of a two-day training program where spirit release trainees were instrumental in releasing earthbound spirits from a local hospital in the UK. The course was attended by an anthropologist and a doctor of medicine. It is suggested that a soul rescue group ought to be a part of the staff infrastructure of every hospital where people die and remain trapped on the Earth plane.




Five Ways to Learn to Love

Best selling Author Lorna Byrne, who sees angels every day, teaches how to learn to love. This is a must-see video for anyone who has experienced spirit possession resulting from abandonment, betrayal, bullying, neglect or any kind of abuse in early childhood.



EVP Dangers

Conducting Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) experiments without proper controls and supervision can have unpleasant consequences. EVP involves capturing the voices of discarnate spirits on electronic recording equipment and is used by researchers looking for evidence of spirits. Often used by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers, the devices are often referred to as a ‘ghost box’. This video clip is a recording of an example of what can happen to the unwary experimenter.



Succubus Encounter

Succubus and Incubus are sexual demons that have been depicted in religious texts and folklore under a variety of names for millennia. They have attracted the attention of occultists, demonologists and fantasy artists, and here is a small selection of artistic representations of the female Succubus.

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We may ask where does the inspiration for this art come from. But here is an interesting encounter with a Succubus of the Ilith Hierarchy that attached to a person who asked for help with a ‘possessing’ entity. We were surprised that the entity engaged us in conversation to reveal its true nature.