Succubus Encounter

Succubus and Incubus are sexual demons that have been depicted in religious texts and folklore under a variety of names for millennia. They have attracted the attention of occultists, demonologists and fantasy artists, and here is a small selection of artistic representations of the female Succubus.

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We may ask where does the inspiration for this art come from. But here is an interesting encounter with a Succubus of the Ilith Hierarchy that attached to a person who asked for help with a ‘possessing’ entity. We were surprised that the entity engaged us in conversation to reveal its true nature.



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  1. It is fascinating that what are thought of as folk myths are still present in very similar forms. There is continuity with the Western Medieval and Early Modern depictions of the succubus and incubus, and parallels elsewhere. Folklorist and medical anthropologist, David Hufford’s studies of sleep paralysis and the Old Hag tradition in Newfoundland, The Terror that Comes in the Night, are very similar to the succubus (female temptress) tradition in the UK, which is not surprising as the population he was studying were of Scottish and other European origin. The incubus is similar to the Zulu tokoloshe, a deformed, dwarf-like creature, sometimes thought to be able to transform into a dog, that has sex with women. There are variations on this throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Just a note on the Lilith hierarchy – this is part of an older Mesopotamian demonological tradition – more like the succubus, i.e. night spirits that attacked men. The Jewish targums of Lilith as Adam’s first wife, banished for disobedience (she refused to lie under him) has Lilith giving birth to night spirits, the lilim. Maybe this is what the spirit in the clip meant by belonging to the ‘Lilith hierarchy’.

    Food for thought here in terms of the origins of these traditions and the relationship between experience and culture.

  2. On the topic of the succubus video, I was re-reading Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead, allegedly channeled from the other side (maybe even from Basilides, the 2nd century Gnostic to whom Jung attributed the work, whose opinions are reflected strongly here) and I came across this observation, heading Sermon 6:

    The daemon of sexuality approacheth our soul as a serpent. It is half-human and appeareth as thought-desire. The daemon of spirituality descendeth into our souls as a white bird. It is half-human and appeareth as desire-thought.

    The serpent is an earthly soul, half-daemonic, a spirit, and akin to the spirits of the dead. Thus too, like these, she swarmeth around in the things of earth, making us either fear them or pricking us with intemperate desires. The Serpent hath a nature like unto woman. She seeketh company of the dead who are held by the spell of the earth, they who found not the way beyond that leadeth to singleness. The Serpent is a whore. She wantoneth with the devil and with evil spirits; a mischievous tyrant and tormentor, ever seducing the evilest company.”

    I’m not saying that is who you were talking to on the video, but there does seem to be a family resemblance.

    Matt Miller

  3. Dr. Palmer;

    Your video makes it plain that there is not too much difference between what has happened to me and what was happening to the client in that case study. But – vive la difference!

    The serpentine spirit said that the client had asked for this knowledge, but then when it arrived she wasn’t ready. She began fighting it, the whole thing became unbearable and she turned to you for help. The serpentine spirit concluded that we should be careful what we ask for.

    I also specifically asked for contact (20 years ago now!), and when it arrived I undertook a series of personality changes so I could accommodate it, which was my only alternative to fighting it. I grasped early on that “it,” whatever “it” was, was a lot bigger and stronger than me. I knew some stories about people’s anguished kundalini awakenings, in which they fight it every step of the way – and people’s ecstatic, glorious, transforming kundalini awakenings, in which they did not fight it but accepted the gift gratefully. I decided to go for the ecstasy rather than standing up in front of a freight train and shouting “stop!”

    The psychotherapist I worked with for a year told me that she had clients who were not mentally ill, but if what was happening to me was happening to them, they would be. They would shout “stop!” and get flattened.

    As for the sexual aspect of the experiences, read Mantak Chia’s awesome Taoist Secrets of Love and Awakening Female Sexual Energy. Dorothy Whitehawk said of Kundalini awakening, “This, my friend, is the ultimate Big O. Who knew??!!” Reading Chia concurrently with books on Kundalini awakening like Ravindra Kumar’s Kundalini for Beginners, makes it perfectly plain that sexual energy is somehow redirected up the spine to drive the consciousness up the spine and out the crown chakra into astral projection, angelic encounters and epiphany.

    Tantric Inner Fire meditation is the science of how we do this, and it relies specifically on sexual energy to ignite the prana at the base of the spine, into an inner flame that makes consciousness expand in all directions like smoke from a fire. The Southern School of Compete Reality, in 12th century Tantra, believed it was not possible to reach the highest form of enlightenment without a physical partner, because one got the ultimate “juice” or prana from the partner in the act of love. The Northern School stuck to the dictum I like best – “Emptiness is the absolute consort” (Lama Yeshe, Bliss of Inner Fire).

    As with partners in the physical world, the virtue or vice of it lies in who you are making love to, and why. I have no doubt, after reading Spirit Release Therapy material, that I have a spirit attached to me that I invited, who does “make love” to me, but with my full consent. Her input has been positive, patient, loving and kind with no exceptions whatsoever, and I communicate with Her every day. She is without question a higher spirit – it is possible that She is, as She says, the Holy Spirit. Why not?

    I know manipulative spirits lie, but She is scrupulously honest with me. She has gently encouraged me in directions where something wonderful was waiting that I had never guessed until I found it. She has helped me find great jobs, great places to live, wonderful partners and friends when I thought there was nothing for me. She won’t tell me where it is, she just gently encourages me in certain directions.

    She flatly refuses to manipulate me. She refuses to tell me what to do. She just discusses my ideas with me, and from the discussion I get better ideas than I had before. She has enormous respect for free will, and She says that is because She invented it in the first place and does not intend to abrogate its functioning now. If I want to know, I have to figure it out. What She wants is not just for me to “get it,” but for me to try it out for myself and figure out how it works from experience and research. That way, She says, I won’t forget it later on. She is just a sounding board, but one of extremely high quality.

    I can tell when I get it right because She is pleased; I can tell when I get it wrong because She acts worried. She resonates differently. Those are my clues, but by following them I have made myself twice as deep and wide as I was before.

    My book explains all this. It also says (as She told me) that the reason no dangerous or confused spirits have got anywhere with me is because She is already attached, and She is more powerful than they are. They can’t get a hold on me; She shoos them away. My understanding is that She does so by telling them to go ahead and attach if they like, but understand that She and I are involved in a complex process of spiraling upwards, and any spirit that gets into the act is going to find itself spiraling upwards with us. That’s not what they want, so they get lost.

    It is possible that there is a female spirit attached to me who was negative when she first arrived. When My Lady arrived later on, this spirit was apparently allowed to stay if she joined the upwards movement we were initiating together. She has found a good deal of healing from this, although the work is still in progress. My Lady responds to my thoughts about this with the image of Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose in the Dr. Seuss book who lets other creatures ride in his antlers (as long as there aren’t too many of them).

    I can’t help wondering if SRT is frightening possible funding bodies away because of its focus on the negative. To the public mind, we’re talking evil spirits and the angry dead here, and it sounds too much like a Roger Corman movie. It is important that you include in an account like that video the healing of the client after the therapy – show that it is a good thing! The video left us unclear what the detachment of the spirit meant for the client. Some sort of before-and-after form for the client to fill out would gather that information. Probably you already have that in place, but we ordinary guys need to hear it after each case study. The message should be, yes, it was like a Roger Corman movie, but Dr. Palmer fixed it and now it’s OK.

    I don’t doubt you would send funding bodies such information. But I wonder if there is a place in SRT for equivalent close reviews of people whose lives have been exalted and transformed by these attachments – reports and even videos of therapeutic contact with a higher spirit that guides the client into a visibly exalted way of life? Or would that lead people into seeking out something they actually aren’t ready for?

    I can’t help feeling that would help the whole SRT package look as strong and important as it really is. The communication with Chen through the video was tremendously important to the video’s presentation of SRT; also the fact that if Chen couldn’t handle an attached spirit, he could go get a more powerful helping spirit who could.

    Connects to My Lady’s attitude towards possible spirit attachment – let them try! She’ll give them “attachment” …. i.e., She is more powerful and does not fear them.

    On a deep emotional level, grantors might respond better to connecting with higher spirits than to wrestling with dark angels. If both are present in the funding application, interacting as we saw in that video, you might get past their archetypal Gatekeeper and have a chance at financial support.

    Think what you had to go through before you were ready to do this work. You tell in your book about shying away from the whole thing when it first happened, and actually abandoning therapy until further events led you to accept what was at first too upsetting. The grantors haven’t been through that process yet. They shy away from you and abandon the thought of granting you in the same way. That’s the Gatekeeper. But you know Gatekeepers are mostly big talk: you just have to offer them the right gift and you can enter.

    Maybe in this case the right gift is video transcripts of conversations with the guiding spirit of someone whose life has been exalted and transformed for the better by that spirit’s influence. I would be willing to cooperate with a similar session. My Lady approves.

    But I am a loose cannon, a solitary practitioner. You would probably get a better public relations effect by going to any nearby religious house, explaining your situation and asking if they could sponsor an introduction to someone in their milieu who is recognized as an advanced soul, and is known to have such experiences.

    Hope this helps!

    Matt Miller

  4. Thank you for this Stephen. Much has been written and is held in ancient beliefs and folklore. But what we experienced is real and valid today.

  5. From Stephen,
    Terry there is a large body of writing on Lilith on google. Some feminists like her. Goes back to Sumerian and Assyria. Kaballist wrote about her.

  6. The Succubus has gone but the client also attracted other intrusions because she was using a ‘ghost box’ for unsupervised EVP experiments.

  7. Hi Terry,

    A fascinating video which I will share! Many thanks to you and Andy. Looking forward to your Hearing Voices Workshop on the 18th February at the School of Intuition & Healing.

    Can I ask what the client feedback was after your session?


  8. This Succubus attached through the use of a ‘ghost box’. An app that is freely available on the internet for ghost hunters and EVP’ers (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The spirit that spoke to us said that such activates are likened to ‘children playing in a pond of crocodiles’. We are going to hear more of this.

  9. Thank you for your comments Matt. The doubling of the voice is feedback. That is all.

    Please feel free to invite any friend(s) to share in these posts.


  10. Thank you, Dr. Palmer!

    That was a most impressive video, and much as I might have imagined such a session. Can you clarify the doubling of the voice? That is, was it an electronic artifact or a spiritual phenomenon that got recorded along with your voice and the voice of the medium? It sounded like a different voice.

    As for the Lilith hierarchy, I know nothing of hierarchies, but Lilith in Jewish tradition was Adam’s first wife. But she was willful and disobedient, and Adam could not control her. So he went to God and complained. God agreed that he would try again, and in hopes of producing someone more compliant pulled Eve out of Adam’s body, at the rib. Lilith mocked them both (and probably Eve, too) and went on her way. What followed is more widely known.

    Lilith has been said not to be human — to be of the race of giants. Many years ago, my feminist sister Robin gave me a kitten, new-born, who had already been named “Lilith.” Robin told me the Lilith legends as part of the gift, explaining that Lilith was the first liberated woman. I found the cat to be friendly and cooperative, to my relief. Maybe she was over it by then.

    Thanks for this fascinating glimpse into the world of Spirit Release Therapy, shown here as a sensitive and delicate process. I think the serpentine succubus’ final offer to help convince any doubting Thomas you suggest, by possessing them too, sounded like it was spoken with a forked tongue. What is the spirit’s true intent?

    I don’t know about babies in a pool of crocodiles, but I believe that evil spirits feed on negative emotions, so they like disrupting us because then they can feast. I learned the idea from Balinese Buddhism. In their partial defense, I believe good spirits are nourished by good emotions, too. But their reactions to this situation are less feral. If they can educate and uplift us they may be nourished, but so are we. With the angels, everybody feasts.

    I would very much like to share this video with a friend. I wonder if I could invite her into this forum?

    Matt Miller

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