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  1. I am so sorry for the delay in replying to you. Can you use the contact form at the bottom of the contact page and I will see what we can do to help. Thank you.

  2. Dr. Palmer, I am reaching out to you after having seen you interviewed in the hopes of you helping me. In 2014 after a sudden end of a relationship, i sought out my first reiki treatment which resulted in me experiencing a profound psychic opening. I can’t omit my past so please forgive me for leaving such personal information. I was raised pretty much without family, my mother committed suicide in front of me when I was five, Iwas then left in the care of my father who molested me at when I was eleven, because of his guilt I was kept away from any family I had making him the only family I had, he passed away in 2009. I supplied this information to explain what is going on now. A few days after my reiki treatment I was meditating with a crystal when it began to pulse and beat in my hand like a heart, when I looked down at it I CLEARLY saw faces begin to form, and then it turned into a eye. The room I was in changed and when I stood up I felt as tall as the room I was in. For the sake of space some things I’m leaving out. A day or two latter as I was leaving my bathroom, I passed a mirror and saw someone else looking back at me. It was my mother. I had no pictures of my mother and had long forgotten what should looked like. I can’t describe to you how powerful, soul jarring this was. I saw my aunt, my father, five different people I recognized as people I’d been in other lives, my higher self, ancestors and then a woman who seemed to step forward and offer me her hand. My bathroom was lit up. I have to say I have no mental health issues, never hallucinated or experienced anything like that before. I was not afraid, and felt loved and happy to finally have family. I spent a lot of time in front of that mirror and as time went on I realized that I could hear them. The first thing my parents said ‘we’re sorry” but as time went on I felt immense pressure in my head which led me to seek out help, and then my ‘parents ” began talking to me from the time I woke up until I went to sleep. They would not leave me alone, and when they spike to me they would cause this vice like pressure in my head. My mother began saying horrible stuff to me. I Dont want to go in and in, but the interaction if you will, has become aggressive, the people I saw in the mirror began to look at me in a way that scared me. I removed all the mirrors save two and when I look at myself I see someone else looking out at me. I have been told I’m a channel, a medium, in fear, having a crown chakra opening and am in resistance. I don’t feel like my life is my own nor my body. I am in trouble and trying to hold on. Can you help me?

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