Target of 1,000 Cases for Research is Reached

We have recorded 1,000 cases treated with the Remote Spirit Release method. Now the task is to analyse the data and write up the findings. Researchers, scientists and academics will appreciate how time-consuming this is and will understand why we now need to change the focus of our efforts.

With immediate effect, all requests for a remote spirit release procedure are re-directed to our online directory of trained practitioners.

The essential criteria for participation in the next phase of our research are that the patient (participant) must be proposed by  a family member (self-referrals are not invited in this phase)

And the patient/participant must be:

  1. Hearing voices (Auditory Voice Hallucinations).
  2. Diagnosed with AVH, psychosis or schizophrenia.
  3. Under  supervision from a licensed healthcare professional
  4. The healthcare professional  agrees to the patient’s participation

Family members with a loved one who could be a candidate for participation in this next phase are invited to read the project protocol on the Hearing Voices? page.



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