1,000 Cases of Suspected Spirit Possession – Research Target Reached

Our target of 1,000 recorded cases of suspected spirit possession has been reached.

Attached below is a PowerPoint presentation of the images created from the raw data. This is a snapshot of the data presented as visual representations without detailed analysis. That comes later. These illustrations will lead to meaningful explanations of what they represent and should enable research collaborators to interrogate the data to answer questions about the nature of spirit and its influence on mental health. The objective is to present this data to the Society for Psychical Research and use it to demonstrate the efficacy of the method for the benefit of the medical profession.

It is hoped that this research will motivate other researchers with an interest in the nature of human consciousness to collaborate in the next stage of the research programme.

In the meantime, we welcome new Patrons as research collaborators with an interest in the relationship between spirit attachment and mental health.

1000 cases Snapshot


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