A Common Cause?

Here is an excerpt from a recent discussion with a colleague who shall remain anonymous:

Thank you very much for your kind words and understanding. I have been on this journey of discovery for thirty years and trying to convey the truth to others is the devil’s own job. Pardon the pun. But we are getting there slowly. I have 85 students and 20 trained colleagues. More will be trained in the coming months in the UK and North America.

However, if we are not able to make an impression and add value to mainstream medicine then perhaps we can create an alternative that will help many thousands of people. But that would take an institution with resources and is what I am striving for. When an institution steps forward that is willing to train more practitioners, perhaps we can create teams for clinics that specialize in key areas, like addictions as suggested. Several factors of vulnerability have been named, such as self-loathing, anxiety, insecurity, etc.

My research suggests that these are all outcomes, or symptoms, if you like, of a universal underlying cause that is reinforced by society and all its institutions, especially medicine, religion, and state education. So, perhaps we could focus attention on that one universal cause? What do you think it is?

Please use the comments box below if you have a suggestion.



More Invitations to be Interviewed

It is comforting to know, in one respect, that awareness of our work is increasing.  But there is a downside when events unfold a little too prematurely. Please permit me to explain.

I have received several invitations to be interviewed since my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove was re-issued on the 13th of August. I did accept one invitation from Coast to Coast  AM, and I was immediately overwhelmed with requests for help from people suffering from suspected spirit possession and curses. Since then, I have asked for all other requests to be held in abeyance, and I would like to explain why I haven’t accepted any just yet.
The lid on the relationship between psychosis and spirit possession is in danger of being blown off if we are not careful. We need to be prepared for the possible consequences of mass panic, escalating demand for treatment that can’t be met with current limited resources and persecution from mainstream medical institutions, including pharmaceuticals.
Consider for one moment the hypothesis that every mass murderer, serial killer, rapist, and paedophile are under the influence of malevolent spirit entities, devils, demons, or alien species. What would happen to the justice, penal and psychiatric healthcare systems if this were to be known by the general public? With the experience we now have, we could clean up the entire system, prison by prison and clinic by clinic, but that would need an army of spirit release practitioners and therapists to clear up the aftermath and help victims recover their true sense of self. Where do these practitioners come from, and who will train them?
Consider the proposition that every hospital is haunted with the earthbound spirits of people who have died and remained earthbound because they refused to believe in an afterlife. Every hospital needs a team of practitioners to help these earthbound souls to ascend to the Light. Where will these soul rescue practitioners come from, and who will train them? The medical profession? I think not.
Let us ask ourselves why we are conditioned in our beliefs to reject the notion that each of us is an eternal spirit that occupies this material form for short periods to experience some aspect of Earth life. Consider the possibility that our education system is being directed towards total acceptance of the medical model of treatment of mental illness when in reality, all non-organic mental illness could be due to the victim’s vulnerability to a negative spirit intrusion. Clearly, there is a hidden agenda. But when this hidden agenda is about to be exposed, we run the risk of serious attacks from the mainstream, not just with scepticism, but real threats to life and limb.
Clearly, what is needed is an institution with the financial resources to maintain its integrity and resist attacks from mainstream academic and scientific bias. Such an institution would establish a research program to provide scientific evidence of the influence of aliens and other dark forces on the health of our Earthly experience and train practitioners on how to neutralize such destructive forces quietly and without drama or fuss for the betterment of humanity.
Some institutions do exist, and I am discussing research and training initiatives with them. I intend to visit them in the United States when the Covid travel restrictions are lifted, hopefully next year. Meanwhile, their identities need to remain anonymous.
So, these are my reasons for not jumping in straightway to accept any of these very kind invitations.
  1. I need to avoid an increased demand from prospective clients that I cannot meet. (Recent interview with Coast to Coast created greater demand and put pressure on our limited resources).
  2. We need to train more practitioners before the lid gets blown off and demand is unleashed. (I am currently teaching in London and plan to teach in the US next year).
  3. A working relationship with a resourceful institution needs to be established first.
  4. More scientific evidence needs to be collected to challenge the medical model of mental illness.
  5. More evidence of the existence of earthbound spirits in hospitals needs to be revealed.
I would rather accept recent invitations for interviews when I have news to report on a collaborative research and training agreement with an institution with the resources and integrity to undertake such a project. I prefer to tell viewers and listeners what has been accomplished before resistance intensifies.
I, therefore, extend my gratitude to all who have invited me to be interviewed, and I respectfully request that we wait until I can issue a joint statement on progress with an institution that has the resources for research and training on a larger scale.
Blessings to All.

Coast to Coast AM – Interview

Subscribers may be interested to know that I will be interviewed once again by Richard Syrett on Coast to Coast AM radio on Sunday night 8th Aug at midnight US Pacific time (that’s Monday 9th Aug 8 am UK time).

Coast to Coast AM

This will give me an opportunity to report some of the findings of our 1,000 cases of suspected spirit possession, and to announce our spirit release therapy training for hypnotherapists in London.

Regards to all


1,000 Cases of Suspected Spirit Possession – Research Target Reached

Our target of 1,000 recorded cases of suspected spirit possession has been reached.

Attached below is a PowerPoint presentation of the images created from the raw data. This is a snapshot of the data presented as visual representations without detailed analysis. That comes later. These illustrations will lead to meaningful explanations of what they represent and should enable research collaborators to interrogate the data to answer questions about the nature of spirit and its influence on mental health. The objective is to present this data to the Society for Psychical Research and use it to demonstrate the efficacy of the method for the benefit of the medical profession.

It is hoped that this research will motivate other researchers with an interest in the nature of human consciousness to collaborate in the next stage of the research programme.

In the meantime, we welcome new Patrons as research collaborators with an interest in the relationship between spirit attachment and mental health.

1000 cases Snapshot


Introduction to Remote Spirit Release

Here is a playlist of recordings from 2016 that focus on one client who offered the opportunity to demonstrate how the work is conducted with the spirit guide.

The playlist was recorded in the early days of developing the protocol that is now used and will give insights into some of the issues that practical training aims to address.

There are plans to reintroduce courses when the Covid pandemic is over, and we can gather together again for practical group training. I trust this playlist will be helpful for students and prospective trainees to prepare for planned courses to be announced shortly. If you have any question about anything in these recordings, please save them for when the courses are reconvened.

Happy viewing.



Target of 1,000 Cases for Research is Reached

We have recorded 1,000 cases treated with the Remote Spirit Release method. Now the task is to analyse the data and write up the findings. Researchers, scientists and academics will appreciate how time-consuming this is and will understand why we now need to change the focus of our efforts.

With immediate effect, all requests for a remote spirit release procedure are re-directed to our online directory of trained practitioners.

The essential criteria for participation in the next phase of our research are that the patient (participant) must be proposed by  a family member (self-referrals are not invited in this phase)

And the patient/participant must be:

  1. Hearing voices (Auditory Voice Hallucinations).
  2. Diagnosed with AVH, psychosis or schizophrenia.
  3. Under  supervision from a licensed healthcare professional
  4. The healthcare professional  agrees to the patient’s participation

Family members with a loved one who could be a candidate for participation in this next phase are invited to read the project protocol on the Hearing Voices? page.



Case Studies Research Update

Our case studies research database has reached 980 recorded cases of suspected spirit possession. That’s just 20 cases short of our target of 1,000 cases.

Preliminary findings of the 980 recorded cases show that:

  •  51.33% (503 cases) were self-referrals.
  • 33.47% (328 cases) were family referrals.
  • 11.43% (112 cases)  from a concerned friend.
  • 2.65% (26 cases) from therapists.
  • 1.12% (11 cases) for a haunted property.

When the target of 1,000 cases has been reached, I shall start work on a detailed analysis of the findings in preparation for publishing. Our colleague in Boston will be assisting with the graphic illustrations and correlations, and it is my intention to add a brief summary to the essay that will be submitted for the Bigelow essay competition. The objective is to show the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies and several other institutions that we are serious with our intentions to contribute knowledge of this subject to the scientific community and to medical science in particular.

After the target of 1,000 cases has been reached, the next stage will limit cases to those referred by healthcare professionals for patients who are in hospital with a mental health diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis. All self-referrals and other requests for help will be advised to access our practitioner’s directory.

Demand has been growing steadily this past year, with an average of one new case each day. For both clinical and research purposes, this has been a manageable level of work. But this week the demand has jumped to fourteen new cases.

Demand grows according to the efficacy of our interventions, and new cases originate from word-of-mouth recommendations.  Our trained practitioners can expect a trickle of cases passed on, but when our research is published and public awareness is raised, then there is the possibility of increased demand. We have plenty of time to be prepared for this, and it is planned to hold training workshops on the ground in London, New York and Canada when Covid restrictions are lifted.

The objective of the training is to teach healthcare professionals how to use our intervention protocol in teams with competent mediums who have a reliable relationship with a trusted spirit guide. We will not be recruiting trainees who are not competent mediums.  Therefore any students who need help with working with a spirit guide are advised to apply for training with an established school for mediumship before asking to be trained in spirit release. More details on training will follow in due course. In the meantime, all students are invited to continue with their textbook reading in preparation for practical work.

The Covid pandemic has given us all an opportunity to plan for an expansion in activity in our field. Let us use this time wisely and be prepared.

Blessings to All.